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Tag: paranormal romance

NEW RELEASE: Terror Under the Lupin Moon, by Michele Roger and M. M. Genet

The newest horror short, the first in the Michigan Macabre Mysteries, created by the dynamic writing team of Roger and Genet is now available for your enjoyment across multiple e-book platforms and in softcover.


“It was supposed to be a simple weekend. 

Amanda had prepared herself for meeting with Hospice to help her mother plan the final stages of her wild, magical life. She had prepared herself for the doldrums that would likely accompany returning to her small, Michigan hometown. Instead, within minutes of pulling in the driveway, Amanda finds herself in the middle of a homicide investigation, a two hundred year old Native American legend, a talking cat, a reconciling with the local witches and the most unlikely place to fall in love.”

About the Authors:

Michele Roger is a harpist, writer and teacher.  She’s also a mother and  a grandmother.  She grew up speaking French with her grandmother as a child and continued on reading and writing in the language, later writing music for children in French.  

Michele is the author of “Eternal Kingdom: A Vampire Story,” “The Conservatory,” several short stories, including “Just Like Dolls,” and children’s stories “Huggy Muggy Do,” and “The Harp and Storm Tamer.”

She has also written non-fiction books for adults, including “Contemporary Wedding Ceremonies for the Human Race.”

M. M. Genet is the author of the romance series “Agent for the Orchestra,” “The Harpist,” and the upcoming sequel, “The Detective,”.  She also writes the “Lady of Keys” erotica romance series. 

Additionally, she is published under different pen names for her work in horror, children’s literature, non-fiction and Food and Travel. 

When she isn’t writing or promoting a book, she performs as a harpist.


From reviews for this story:
I have a short attention span, so short stories are good! I read this over the weekend. It was fun! ❤ ~ Sally Breen

The softcover edition is available for order at your favorite local brick and mortar bookshop (either online or in-store).

You can also find it on the following e-book platforms:
Books2Read (multiple ebook platforms listed here)