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Our Services

Converted Books offers a variety of paid services to authors, depending upon your needs. A list of some of those services is included below.

If you’re not seeing the service you seek, feel free to contact us about it at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do to be of assistance.


Consulting … $25/hr

Editing … Negotiable (Price based on amount of editing required. The more editing we find is required of your submission will result in a higher fee, but we will discuss that price increase with you beforehand, should that situation occur.)

Formatting … Negotiable (The potential price increase situation as described above in “Editing” will also apply here.)

Publishing … Percentage of Net Profit Fully finished (completely edited) manuscripts are eligible for consideration for publication. Our ISBNs will be included with manuscripts submitted our distribution resources.*

Marketing … We’ll be working to market your book both before and in an ongoing way after publication. This includes pre-publication announcements and setting up author signings, etc. Our success is predicated on your success and we know it.

*Unlike some other small independent presses, we don’t use the “free” ISBNs offered by certain other e-book or print-on-demand publishing services that ends up putting their name on your work. Please also note that we do not use Amazon’s KDP program. Your work will be made available on the widest distribution possible.