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How Does This Work?

We offer so-called “hybrid” publishing services to authors looking for publication without having to do everything themselves.

What does “hybrid” mean?

The short answer is that it means that our editing and cover design services are offered for a fee, whilst our actual publication services are offered for a more-than-fair royalty split. (You can find a slightly more involved explanation here)

Distribution will be as wide as possible, not simply relying on Amazon to offer reading material, as there are MANY people out there who regard Amazon/Bezos as the Devil and thus refuse to do any sort of business with them.

Our chosen distributor offers royalty splits, so rather than wait six months or more for any royalty payments and without your having to worry about Converted Books’ bookkeeping abilities, the distributor will send out any accrued royalties every three months (if royalties are owed), split in the percentage agreed upon between ourselves and the author. The author will also be able to check on an immediate basis with the distributor to see what has accrued so far, so there will be no question as to those numbers, which I think is rather nice.

Even better, they offer direct deposit to your financial institution, so you’re not waiting on a paper check or on accruing enough of a royalty amount to receive payment.

We do have our own ISBNs, so we won’t be using whatever our distributor offers as their “Free” option. Your book will have a real ISBN and not something like Amazon’s site-specific ASNs. 

Editing services are offered for a fee, as well as cover design services.

Your books will be available as e-books on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and more. If you want the possibility of physical book publication, that option is also available.

(We’re currently looking for people offering those particular services with our arrangement being a small percentage of the fee that individual charges for those services. It will be a 1099 sort of situation tax-wise, if that individual makes more than the annual income threshold through us.)