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Anna Rose’s Blog

February 21, 2022

After half a week spent in Austin Texas for an internet networking conference, I’m back at work on my writing. There was plenty of drama on the trip home from Austin, but a few days after getting home, my stress has eased mightily and I can get back into the swing of things once more.

It’s nice, sometimes, to be able to take a break and allow your brain to just relax. At least for me, it opens my mind up to new ideas and allows me to consider what I’ve already written to see if it can be improved upon by either the addition of or subtraction from what’s already there.

When I do such things, I save the previous version so that I don’t lose what I’d written before, and I save that iteration to the cloud so that I don’t lose it at some point. I’ve been through that sort of thing before when either trying to archive physical copies or using a regular computer hard drive.

I’ve learned that not only does Murphy’s Law apply, that bastard Murphy was an optimist.

Anyhow, back to writing for me. I look forward to hearing from you all!


February 17, 2022

Hey there, it’s Anna!

I’m currently taking a break from working on my books and stories to give you all an update on what I’m working on right now. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that things have been especially rough for me and my family over the past couple years. That has slowed down my writing considerably, although I have done what I can to write as much as I was able.

My Mother died, three weeks short of her 93rd birthday, on December 18, 2021. She was surrounded by her family as she went on to her Next Great Adventure. I will love and miss her always.

Now, what I’m working on these days:

  1. We’re in the process of looking into a move to the Northeastern United States. Yes, the place where it becomes stupidly cold and rain turns to snow and ice during certain times of the year.
  2. I’ve got more than one novel that I’m working on right now. It’s one of the best ways, I’ve found, for me to beat the possibility of Writers’ Block over the head and then kick it to the curb.
  3. I’ve been posting first draft (minimal editing) serialized chapters from most of those stories and novels to my Patreon page, where they are available for subscribers to enjoy. Most of the content on that page is subscriber-only, but I do periodically post “free” things for folks who don’t want to contribute to my care and feeding.
  4. Figuring out who I am, what I want and where I’m going. This isn’t just a physical thing, it’s also a mental thing.

    One of those things is that I have very recently accepted and embraced the fact that I’m non-binary. I’m a they/them, rather than a she/her.

    I hope you can accept and embrace that as well.

    Toodles for now, but I’ll be posting periodic updates both here and on my own author page at


LUCI: Rhoades to Hell

Anna’s deep dive into urban fantasy and comparative theology, loosely inspired by Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN series.

From the book’s description:

“A grieving human. A bored Celestial.

Professor Hector Rhoades is a comparative theology professor. Tragedy in his life has caused him to make reckless choices and when he makes a certain discovery, jumps right in.

Enter Lucinda Inferi, mysterious businesswoman with an unnatural background.

What will happen, now that the two of them have met?”

What happens when an academic with nothing left to live for meets the Devil and it turns out she’s not at all what he expected? What is his reaction when he goes to Hell and finds out that demons and Hellish torture actually exist?

LUCI: Rhoades to Hell explores preconceptions, grief, loss, friendship, and healing. It is currently intended to be three volumes in length. It also proudly features LGBTIA+ content.

About Anna Rose

Anna Rose

Anna Rose, author of Urban Fantasy and YA Fantasy is published under our Sumaire Press imprint. You can find a comprehensive list of her books here. (Please note that these books can be found for purchase on other sites, not simply Amazon, this inclusion is merely for your convenience.)

LUCI: Rhoades to Hell

Her first novel, SIOFRA, was first published on January 23, 2012, followed shortly thereafter by the second novel in that series, FIACH FOLA, and then DROCH FOLA. The short story FEASTA FOLA is also part of that story, but can be read independently of the actual series.

Anna is also currently working on the Young Adult TALES OF THE DRAGONGUARD series, which starts with AYA’S DRAGON and continues with SARA’S FIRE.


She has a Patreon page where she shares her current works in progress in a relatively raw form to her subscribers in a chapter-by-chapter serialized format for a unique first-look opportunity.

Trevor the Demon sautéing something up in Hell’s Kitchen.

Anna is currently focused on her series THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS about the very human Hector Rhoades and his curious friendship with the Devil, Luci Inferi. Along the way, Hector learns about the dangers of preconceptions and that demons aren’t necessarily something to be feared.

The first novel is LUCI: RHOADES TO HELL, and will be followed by LUCI: RHOADES TO RECOVERY and then LUCI: RHOADES TO REDEMPTION. The series is about preconceptions, friendship, love, loss, grief, and healing (This particular series is aimed at LGBTIA+ folks and those who support that community.)

Aya’s Dragon

From LUCI: RHOADES TO HELL’S Amazon reviews:

Mari Sloan 5.0 out of 5 stars Fresh, Original and Fun!

Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2020

Verified Purchase

I love reading fiction that transcends genre and creates characters that have no blueprint but still illustrate universal truth. Trevor, his friends, Hector and even Luci do all of that, and more. I hope this is just the first of a series and this crew of friends explores human emotions again soon! If you love to read outside of the box and enjoy a different perspective on heaven, hell, humans and celestrals, settle down with a good snack. This book will leave you hungry, and hungry for more!

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